Badda Bing Website was created to serve local business owners needing a website up and running yesterday.  Why create a specialty company solely focused and committed to small business?


It’s really quite simple.  When I started out in 2003, as an Internet Marketer, it was painful.


Everything needed to be built from scratch.  And that took a lot of time, effort and of course, money.  Which meant I was working on my business and not working, growing, and earning with my business. There had to be a better way to be efficient, effective, and productive.


Over the years I have perfected and crafted many time saving methods.  If I didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t be here today offering businesses a necessity that is long overdue.


Badda Bing Website offers the very best in website design


Most of today’s websites are created with the Word Press platform, which has become a very easy target for hackers.


Our websites are a complete proprietary application that is SEO Optimized, Cache Managed, with Schema Markup included, Mobile Friendly, and created with HTML code making them much faster and safer from outside intruders.


Can Badda Bing Websites be hosted by my hosting company?


Absolutely, BBW websites can be hosted on any hosting service you prefer.  Alternatively, BBW also offers a webhosting service featuring 57 protection layers to shield off those annoying hackers.


Why should I buy a website from BBW when I can build it myself?


If you have the time, money, and are willing to go through the trial and error of getting the website working and looking just right when you could be working in your business…give it a shot.  And Good Luck.


Our websites are created and supported by a team of 25 programmers and support team members.  We pride ourselves on creating reliable worry-free products. We have been building websites for our parent company since 2009.


How much work do I have to do to get a website built?  What about the content and even videos?


We only need your specific business information that you can post on the Application tab and we do the rest.  Of course, you may want to help us by tweaking and finetuning a few things along the way.  Our research team is second to none in uncovering the necessary information and creating all the content for your website.  Depending on your business category, videos may also be included.


Do I need a Domain Name?


Yes, you will need a Domain Name for your website.  If you don’t have a Domain Name, BBW will be more than happy to research and acquire one for you.


I don’t have a company Logo.


No problem, we can design and install a custom, yet very affordable, Logo for your new business website.


If there is anything I hate, its hidden costs and being nickeled and dimed for every little change.  How do you answer that issue?


Boy, do we hate that too!  We like simple, upfront answers, and knowing the associated costs.

You won’t find any ambush charges with Badda Bing Website. 


We structure our products and services on a Flat Fee Basis.  Each Service you choose has a set price, which is inclusive and complete.


The Following Are The Specific Products and Services Badda Bing Website Offers:



Website design, creation, content, and implementation on Your Hosting Company’s Server.


Domain Acquisition & Registration

If you need a Domain Name.


Logo Design

Design and install a Custom Logo for your website and business.

If you need or want a Custom Logo.


Hosting Fee

If you want Badda Bing Website to host your website.

Hosting is a Monthly Fee.